Stoned Pop Originals NFT

Season 2 in progress !

SEASON 1 : the beginning

Stoned Pop Originals is the first collection of 100 unique and hand-drawn NFTs, revolving around the Pop Culture.

Because they were entirely hand drawn (on Procreate), you are sure to find 100% original NFT, pieces of art !

In each of them, you’ll find plenty of references that pay homage to pop culture, with a little extra in common : they’re all stoned ! A nice way to add a touch of playfulness, right ?

Stoned Pop Originals NFT 100 famous

Who are the 100 "famous" ?

You all know who they arE.

Stoned Pop Originals Famous - Bowie, McFly, Monroe

From near and far, we all have Pop references from our childhood. Whether through films, songs, works of art… Pop culture has had an unconscious impact on us.

For the Season 1 of Stoned Pop Collection, there are 100 iconic popstars you can get.

No doubt you’ll recognize them all !

What do Albert Einstein, Amy Winehouse or Superman have in common? They are all pop culture icons !

Pop culture in the blender

What makes your NFT unique.

With 100 Famous and 8 custom areas, be sure your NFT will be a unique piece of Pop Culture. 

Customize Area Skin


White, natural, black, even yellow.

Customize Area Back bonus

Back body bonus

Iconic items placed behind the body.

Customize Area Body


Casual or iconic clothes or costumes.

Customize Area Front bonus

Front body bonus

Iconic items placed in front of the body.

Customize Area Face


Naked, beard, wrinkles, mask or glasses.

Customize Area Front face bonus

Front face bonus

Earrings, joint or pipe.

Customize Area Top Head

Top Head

Haircuts or iconic hats or beanies.

Customize Area Background


Several colors will be available

Advantages of buying NFT ?

Unlock your features.

By owning right now a Stoned Pop Originals Season 1 NFT, you get several privileges :

SPO Ambassador

You become an early member and ambassador of the Stoned Pop family.

Early access

You get early access to Season 2 (whitelisting).


You can propose a “Famous” for Season 2 and get it for free.

NFT drops and gifts

You get SPO NFT drops and priority access to future events.

Help artist

You support the project and future developments.

How to get Stoned Pop Originals ?

Find both Stoned Pop Originals collections on OpenSea now !

What's your famous ?

Community, you can decide.

By owning a Season 1 SPO NFT, you have earned the right to suggest a Famous for Season 2 !

Fill out the form below. Your address will be verified as a Season 1 SPO owner and if your proposal is selected and realized, you will receive your Famous for free in your wallet when Season 2 is launched !

More SPO NFT you own, more proposals you can do.

Stoned Pop Originals Season 2 - Proposals*
*Reserved for owners of an NFT SPO from Season 1
This address will be used to send you your "Famous" NFT if you are selected.
This e-mail address will be used to contact you if you are selected.

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