Stoned Pop Originals NFT

Season 2 in progress !

The dreaming artist

or something like that.

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French Artist

With a degree in art and marketing communication, I have been working for years as a graphic designer for clients from many different places. I accompany them in their projects and advise them in their graphic choices as well as in their communication strategy.

In 2017, I entered the cryptosphere and started to get interested in the technology and the cryptocurrencies gravitating around it. I have never left it. In fact, I even worked for a cryptocurrency for 2 years as a social media moderator and graphic designer.

Today, I’m going back to my first love: drawing. I then had the idea to combine my art knowledge with crypto-currencies and all I needed was the concept for my NFT. What has influenced me and many others throughout our lives ? Pop Culture. Everyone in the world knows it, even without being aware of it. All artists have references and inspirations from this environment. That’s how Stoned Pop Originals NFT was born: to offer random Pop Culture references and to be able to collect them as artworks. The “stone” thing was only added to add a touch of fun and consolidate the project.

My dream ? That Stoned Pop Originals NFTs evolve with an entire environment and are scattered all over the world, to become the largest Pop Culture NFT Space with an awesome community.